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The nine delegates to the Economic Cooperation Conference include $2$ officials from Mexico, $3$ officials from Canada, and $4$ officials from the United States. During the opening session, three of the delegates fall asleep. Assuming that the three sleepers were determined randomly, find the probability that exactly two of the sleepers are from the same country.

Nine delegates, three each from three different countries, randomly select chairs at a round table that seats nine people. Find the probability that each delegate sits next to at least one delegate from another country.


A parking lot has $16$ spaces in a row. Twelve cars arrive, each of which requires one parking space, and their drivers chose spaces at random from among the available spaces. Auntie Em then arrives in her SUV, which requires $2$ adjacent spaces. What is the probability that she is able to park?

Meena writes the numbers $1$, $2$, $3$, and $4$ in some order on a blackboard, such that she cannot swap two numbers and obtain the sequence $1$, $2$, $3$, $4$. How many sequences could she have written?

John walks from point $A$ to $C$ while Mary goes from point $B$ to $D$. Both of them will move along the grid, either right or up, so they take shortest routes. How many different possibilities are there such that their routes do not intersect?

Jack wants to bike from his house to Jill's house, which is located three blocks east and two blocks north of Jack's house. After biking each block, Jack can continue either east or north, but he needs to avoid a dangerous intersection one block east and one block north of his house. In how many ways can he reach Jill's house by biking a total of five blocks?

How many subsets of $\{2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9\}$ contain at least one prime number?

Randomly draw a card twice with replacement from $1$ to $10$, inclusive. What is the probability that the product of these two cards is a multiple of $7$?

How many even $4$- digit integers are there whose digits are distinct?