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In a drawer Sandy has $5$ pairs of socks, each pair a different color. On Monday Sandy selects two individual socks at random from the $10$ socks in the drawer. On Tuesday Sandy selects $2$ of the remaining $8$ socks at random and on Wednesday two of the remaining $6$ socks at random. Find the probability that Wednesday is the first day Sandy selects matching socks.

Two unit squares are selected at random without replacement from an $n \times n$ grid of unit squares. Find the least positive integer $n$ such that the probability that the two selected unit squares are horizontally or vertically adjacent is less than $\frac{1}{2015}$.


Find the number of five-digit positive integers, $n$, that satisfy the following conditions:

  • the number $n$ is divisible by $5$,
  • the first and last digits of $n$ are equal, and
  • the sum of the digits of $n$ is divisible by $5$.


Find the number of positive integers with three not necessarily distinct digits, $abc$, with $a \neq 0$ and $c \neq 0$ such that both $abc$ and $cba$ are multiples of $4$.

At a certain university, the division of mathematical sciences consists of the departments of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. There are two male and two female professors in each department. A committee of six professors is to contain three men and three women and must also contain two professors from each of the three departments. Find the number of possible committees that can be formed subject to these requirements.


Find the coefficient of $x^{17}$ in the expansion of $(1+x^5 + x^7)^{20}$.

Find the number of second-degree polynomials $f(x)$ with integer coefficients and integer zeros for which $f(0)=2010$.

Rabbits Peter and Pauline have three offspring: Flopsie, Mopsie, and Cotton-tail. These five rabbits are to be distributed to four different pet stores so that no store gets both a parent and a child. It is not required that every store gets a rabbit. In how many different ways can this be done?

The first $2007$ positive integers are each written in base $3$. How many of these base-$3$ representations are palindromes? (A palindrome is a number that reads the same forward and backward.)

How many $4$-digit numbers greater than $1000$ are there that use the four digits of $2012$?

Four fair six-sided dice are rolled. What is the probability that at least three of the four dice show the same value?

A dessert chef prepares the dessert for every day of a week starting with Sunday. The dessert each day is either cake, pie, ice cream, or pudding. The same dessert may not be served two days in a row. There must be cake on Friday because of a birthday. How many different dessert menus for the week are possible?

How many $7$-digit palindromes (numbers that read the same backward as forward) can be formed using the digits $2$, $2$, $3$, $3$, $5$, $5$, $5$?

Two subsets of the set $S=\{ a,b,c,d,e\}$ are to be chosen so that their union is $S$ and their intersection contains exactly two elements. In how many ways can this be done, assuming that the order in which the subsets are chosen does not matter?

Ten chairs are evenly spaced around a round table and numbered clockwise from $1$ through $10$. Five married couples are to sit in the chairs with men and women alternating, and no one is to sit either next to or across from his/her spouse. How many seating arrangements are possible?

Three red beads, two white beads, and one blue bead are placed in line in random order. What is the probability that no two neighboring beads are the same color?

On the trip home from the meeting where this AMC10 was constructed, the Contest Chair noted that his airport parking receipt had digits of the form $bbcac,$ where $0 \le a < b < c \le 9,$ and $b$ was the average of $a$ and $c.$ How many different five-digit numbers satisfy all these properties?

A set of $25$ square blocks is arranged into a $5 \times 5$ square. How many different combinations of $3$ blocks can be selected from that set so that no two are in the same row or column?

All of David's telephone numbers have the form $555 - abc - defg$, where $a$, $b$, $c$, $d$, $e$, $f$, and $g$ are distinct digits and in increasing order, and none is either $0$ or $1$. How many different telephone numbers can David have?

Four boys and four girls line up in a random order. What is the probability that both the first and last person in line is a girl?

A hand of four cards of the form $(c, c, c + 1, c + 1)$ is called a $tractor$. Vinjai has a deck consisting of four of each of the numbers $7$, $8$, $9$ and $10$. If Vinjai shuffles and draws four cards from his deck, compute the probability that they form a tractor.

A code consists of four different digits from 1 to 9, inclusive. What is the probability of selection a code that consists of four consecutive digits but not necessarily in order? Express your answer as a common fraction.

Restaurant MAS offers a set menu with $3$ choices of appetizers, $5$ choices of main dishes, and $2$ choices of desserts. How many possible combinations can a customer have for one appetizer, one main dish, and one dessert?

Eight chairs are arranged in two equal rows for a group of $8$. Joe and Mary must sit in the front row. Jack must sit in the back row. How many different seating plans can they have?

Two Britons, three Americans, and six Chinese form a line:

  • How many different ways can the $11$ individuals line up?
  • If two people of the same nationality cannot stand next to each other, how many different ways can the $11$ individuals line up?