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Let $ABCD$ be a cyclic quadrilateral. Let $P, Q, R$ be the feet of the perpendiculars from $D$ to the lines $BC, CA$ and $AB$ respectively. Show that $PQ = QR$ iff the bisectors of $\angle ABC$ and $\angle ADC$ meet on $AC$.

Let $ABCD$ be a convex quadrilateral for which $AC = BD$. Equilateral triangles are constructed on the sides of the quadrilateral and pointing outward. Let $O_1, O_2, O_3, O_4$ be the centres of the triangles constructed on $AB, BC, CD,$ and $DA$ respectively. Prove that lines $O_1O_3$ and $O_2O_4$ are perpendicular.

Solve the equation $\cos^2 x + \cos^2 2x +\cos^2 3x=1$ in $(0, 2\pi)$.

Prove for every positive integer $n$ and real number $x\ne \frac{k\pi}{2^t}$ where $t =0, 1, 2,\cdots$ and $k$ is an integer, the following relation always holds: $$\frac{1}{\sin 2x}+\frac{1}{\sin 4x} + \cdots +\frac{1}{\sin 2^nx}=\frac{1}{\tan x}-\frac{1}{\tan 2^nx}$$

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