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Four sides of a concyclic quadrilateral have lengths of 25, 39, 52, and 60, in that order. Find the circumference of its circumcircle.

Let $\Gamma$ be the circumcircle of acute triangle $ABC$. Points $D$ and $E$ are on segments $AB$ and $AC$ respectively such that $AD = AE$. The perpendicular bisectors of $BD$ and $CE$ intersect minor arcs $AB$ and $AC$ of $\Gamma$ at points $F$ and $G$ respectively. Prove that lines $DE$ and $FG$ are either parallel or they are the same line.

Cyclic quadrilateral $ABCD$ has $AC\perp BD$, $AB + CD = 12$, and $BC + AD = 13$. Find the greatest possible area for $ABCD$.